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grey bullet Memnoch, The Devil by Anne Rice
is available for purchase through Amazon.Com. The fifth volume of Rice's Vampire Chronicles is one of her most controversial books. The tale begins in New York, where Lestat, the coolest of Rice's vampire heroes, is stalking a big-time cocaine dealer and religious-art smuggler--this guy should get it in the neck. Lestat is also growing fascinated with the dealer's lovely daughter, a TV evangelist who's not a fraud.
Lestat is also being stalked himself, by some shadowy guy who turns out to be Memnoch, the devil, who spirits him away. From here on, the book might have been called Interview with the Devil (by a Vampire). It's a rousing story interrupted by a long debate with the devil. Memnoch isn't the devil as ordinarily conceived: he got the boot from God because he objected to God's heartless indifference to human misery. Memnoch takes Lestat to heaven, hell, and throughout history.
Some readers are appalled by the scene in which Lestat sinks his fangs into the throat of Christ on the cross, but the scene is not a mere shock tactic: Jesus is giving Lestat a bloody taste in order to win him over to God's side, and Rice is dead serious about the battle for his soul. Rice is really doing what she did as a devout young Catholic girl asked to imagine in detail what Christ's suffering felt like--it's just that her imagination ran away with her.

grey bullet Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice
is available for purchase through Amazon.Com. From the bestselling author of The Vampire Chronicles comes the enthralling novel of a centuries-old spirit on a terrifying quest in the modern world. His name is Azriel. He is a ghost, demon, angel--in love with good and a captive of evil. Plucked from death in ancient Babylon and transformed into a genii, he journeys through time and dares to risk his supernatural powers to stop a world-threatening conspiracy.


grey bullet BJ: A Supernatural Horror Story by Kimile Aczon
is available for purchase through Amazon.Com. LOCK ALL THE DOORS, CLOSE ALL THE WINDOWS, AND TURN EVERY LIGHT ON IN YOUR HOME. BECAUSE ONCE YOU OPEN THE PAGES TO THIS NOVEL, YOU WILL BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! Denise and Wesley Johnson are a couple living in Pasadena, California. Unexpectedly Denise becomes pregnant. But what Denise and her husband don't know, is that at the precise moment of conception their lives and the lives of 5 strangers are forever changed. Imani - a priest who teaches and ministers to a group of people in remote Western Africa; Donald - a Vietnam vet now living on the streets of San Francisco; Mrs. Wilda Elvers - a partially blind and elderly woman living in Southern California; Vera - a quiet and shy registered nurse at San Francisco General Hospital; And Troy - a 5-year-old boy who has not spoken a word since witnessing the death of his mama in a drive-by shooting. When Denise and Wesley conceive their child, they are all sent spiraling into a long descent of bizarre and supernatural events, that one day brings all of them together ... READ A SAMPLE CHAPTER OF of "BJ"at African American Horror



grey bullet Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite
is available for purchase through Amazon.Com. In the company of a New Orleans computer hacker on the run from the law, cartoonist Trevor McGee returns 'home' twenty years after his tortured cartoonist father killed his mother and yonger brother. Determined to face the demons of the past and the dark force that will lead either to understanding-true understanding-or to a blood raining repetition of the past ...


grey bullet Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs by Leonard Cohen
For the first time in paperback--the selected work of the legendary singer, poet, and performer. Stranger Music presents a magnificent cross-section of Cohen's work--including 11 previously unpublished poems--and demonstrates definitively that Cohen is a writer of dazzling intelligence and a force that transcends genres.
grey bullet Radiant Inventory by Christopher Dewdney
"The simplest words can yield some of the most beautiful poetry. Dewdney is 'the moral wreck/ of a fine intelligence.'" - kahtt, 7/3/99
grey bullet Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
is available now for purchase through Amazon.Com. "Thawed Stars" is a metaphor for our belief that we do not shine. We are "stars," we are full of bright permanent light, yet we darken and drip. We must tone ourselves down lest someone cut us down. I quote from the title poem, "We must placate, placate/A world of men wearing sunglasses." As a poet I must dare to shine, to jump out of my skin and sing for you. The author, Alice Pero, pero@earthlink.net, May 23, 1999

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grey bullet The Art of Fiction by John Gardner
"John Gardner was famous for his generosity to young writers, and (this book) is his ... gift to them. The Art of Fiction will fascinate anyone interested in how fiction gets put together. For the young writer, it will become a necessary handbook, a stern judge, an encouraging friend."--The New York Times Book Review.

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